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Procam Solutions
digital vehicle inspection technology using ultra high-resolution images

Black Modern Car


Identifying new and existing damage on vehicles can help resolve liability disputes quickly and efficiently. For service departments, towing companies, vehicle rentals and parking centers, protecting against damage claims is imperative. Damage claims can prove costly, and utilizing digital vehicle inspection systems can resolve disputes quickly, reassuring customer experience and confidence.

Procam Solutions offers market-leading ultra-high-resolution capture solutions for vehicles arriving and departing from car dealerships, rental depots, airport car parks, and even tow truck pick up and drop-offs.


Dedicated cameras capture high-resolution images of all angles of the exterior, while a handheld smart device captures the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and any desired interior images. The images are then stored in the cloud providing simple access and storage should any claims arise later.


Procam Solutions has the added benefit of built-in License Plate Recognition (LPR); which provides another layer of organization upon image recall.

Image by Siarhei Horbach


  • Market-leading image resolution for analyzing vehicle condition and identifying very small defects

  • Extensive vehicle image coverage to ensure full and accurate documentation of vehicle condition

  • Cloud-based image storage with automatic vehicle identification available 24/7 for total reporting accuracy

  • License Plate Recognition (LPR)

  • Vehicle Identification Number Recognition (VINR)

  • Visible camera system deters false claims 

  • Resolves disputes quickly, reassuring customer experience

  • Offers the highest level of confidence and protection in dispute resolution

  • Replaces need for manual inspections

  • Time and efficiency savings

Procam WebNet


Use a smart device you own (cell phone, ipad, etc.) and run our web-based app to capture vehicle images that upload to our cloud servers in real-time. Vin entry and/or License Plate Recognition (LPR) organizes images for recall from our cloud-based infrastructure.  No software to install, images are recalled from any PC/Tablet/Smart Phone.


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