Manual Solutions

Procam WebNet

Use a smart device you own (cell phone, ipad, etc.) and run our web-based app to capture vehicle images that upload to our cloud servers in real-time. Vin entry and/or License Plate Recognition (LPR) organizes images for recall from our cloud-based infrastructure.  No software to install, images are recalled from any PC/Tablet/Smart Phone.

CloudNet Kit.png

Procam CloudNet

Our CloudNet access point installs on-site, providing a high speed wireless bridge to connect your smart devices. Devices only need to be WIFI capable and have a camera (iPods, iPads, Kindles, Smart Phones or Tablets, etc - cell connection not used or required).  Images are captured, organized and uploaded to our cloud servers in real-time, then are available on-line for recall in minutes. Contact us to set up a demo!

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